Macaulay Culkin Eating Pizza (Short Video)

Yes, you read it correctly.  This is Macaulay Culkin Eating Pizza

In 2013 Macaulay Culkin produced and directed a short video called Macaulay Culkin Eating Pizza.

In what may seem at first to be a bizarre idea, it actually has some reasoning behind it.  Culkin is apparantly an Andy Warhol fan and decided to pay homage to him by recording this short clip.  The pizza is believed to refer to his comedy rock band Pizza Underground.

Andy Warhol was seen eating a whopper burger at Burger King in the movie 66 Scenes From America.  

Both Macaulay’s and Warhol’s videos can be seen below for comparison.  Both videos are exactly 4 minutes and 27 seconds in length, showing that Macaulay still pays attention to the little details.

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